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How we take care of our diamond

Blue Diamond Ring
 A lot of people use diamond to look more attractive but they do not care about it. After spending so much money on jewellery, we just need to take care of it properly. Diamond jewellery is easy to care and needs just a bit of daily care and at least once in a year from the jewellery checker.

Here some basic tips for care your diamond clean:

      1. Don't use toothpaste for clean any kind of jewellery it can harm both gems and metal of your glory.
      2. Use a separate container to store your diamond.
      3. Don't wear your diamond during housework and other manual work.
      4. Keep distance from other hard objects, they can break your diamond.
      5. Keep distance from dust, lotions, soap and smoothness they can lessen its glow.
      6. Use soft toothbrush for clean, rinse carefully and dry with soft tissue-paper.
      7. Avoid from salt water and some detergents they can harm your precious stone.
      8. Keep a distance from raw chemical they can erode polish of your diamond jewellery.

You can also take advise from your jeweler on how to care of each glory individually.

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