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Engagement Ring-Symbol of Serious Intentions

In our daily life, we have seen that people use different different symbols to express their attributes with close friends. The ring is the most widely symbol to express love. The engagement ring is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that is a symbol of love and intentions. After changing the lifestyle, unconcern of all the cultural and craziness of times, the tradition of wearing engagement ring is still alive today. An engagement ring says "I'm for you forever" to their partner who cares about you. A person who wearing an engagement ring indicate that it is engaged to be married. In some countries like UK, Ireland and North America engagement ring worn only by women. In other countries engagement ring worn by both partners. An engagement ring also wearing at wedding time in any other culture. 
An Engagement Ring in Finger
An Engagement Ring in Finger

An engagement ring is a gift for women by a man after she accepts his marriage proposal. In many cultures engagement ring wearing in the fourth finger of the left hand because they believed that it is connected to the heart. In Brazil, both the groom and bride wearing an engagement ring in right hand and after wedding moved to the left hand. People also use the promise ring before agreeing to marry also known as a pre - engagement ring. In present time, both partners purchased an engagement ring together. A lot of people use a diamond ring mostly to compare to all jewellery ring. In many countries, people spend two months income in an engagement ring.

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