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Stunning Effect Of Gold

Gold is the symbol of expensive jewelery and a most precious yellow metals that is so rare that the world pours more steel in an hour than it has poured gold since starting time. Our Medicine state that health of man and woman depend on the amount of metal items they wear. Gold traditionally also used to treat the asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and a variety of other disorders according to France medicines. Usefulness of gold has been limited by its toxicity for many of these conditions. Gold is also useful in the treatment of some cancers. When gold is overactive, it helps to suppress your immune system or it can also trigger an allergic reaction, which is an improper immune response.

Effect on human organism:
 In the above we have discussed that the health of people depend on the amount of metal items they wear. Some people has habit to wear more gold jewels but they don't know it's harmful to her body. People worn chains or bracelets on wrists it perform the role of a closed circuit and special effect on the human organism. As same wedding ring also effect on the nerves of the third finger. The use of gold mostly for making jewels such as chains and bracelets, is their ability to destroy structures. At that, gold can destroy our negative structures which is really very good. “Sometimes women are absolutely healthy but they cannot become pregnant and have some gynecological problems that is the region of they wear many rings on fingers.” says Doctors. Doctors advice them but they don't believe on it and feel offended, but later they decide to follow the recommendation and get rid of their gynecological problems or become pregnant.

Other Random Effect:
  • Gold is also used as edible. In some countries, gold put in jelly snacks , fruits, tea and coffee and in other country gold leaf putting in bottles of liquor.
  • The Incas thought gold represent the glory of their “sun gold” and “tears of sun”. They don't use gold for money.
  • Gold was a compact combination of water and sunlight as the Greeks thought.

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