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“Inara” launched by Tanishq Brand of Tata Group

Tanishq, jewellery production brand of  Tata Group launched the new age diamond jewellery collection for the woman known as “Inara”. Derived from the Arabic word 'Inara' symbolises the shine or illumination which is perfect for an ultimate diamond jewellery collection that brings to glittering life cosmic swirls, star bursts and meteor showers.
Necklace and earrings from Tanishq’s new Inara collection
Necklace  from Tanishq’s new Inara collection.

'Inara' has been crafted very tastefully which not only reflect the synopsis of every woman’s heart but fits her wallet well too. This collection celebrates the promise of eternal love, stress and precision.
Displaying an excellent ensemble of more than 120 unique designs, the collection comprises of diamond jewellery pieces across necklace, bangles, earrings and cocktail rings, all set in white and yellow gold.
Inara is an extension to Tanishq’s elaborate diamond jewellery collection, this collection showcases spectacular diamonds in highly original designs .
Inara Collection has been crafted to take every woman for a surprise with its price points, start at Rs. 2 lacs upwards attractively.

Necklace and earrings from Tanishq’s new Inara collection.
Tanishq Inara earrings with diamonds, set in white and yellow gold
bridal collection, this elaborate diamond necklace is set in yellow and white gold

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