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Unbelievable facts about Diamond

The article goes for passionate about diamond who don't know some unbelievable facts about diamond. People use diamond, but they unaware about unbelievable and interesting facts about diamond. There is no debate about diamond as the symbol of romance and love.
Check out these unbelievable diamond facts and learn invisible secret about diamond, some make you laugh and some may properly shock you.
Diamonds are not rare
Diamonds are not the hardest Substance on Earth:
           People think that the diamond is the hardest natural substance on the earth. It's not true, this is only mantra for jewelers who trying to impress you. Diamond is hardest natural mineral substance as antiquated, but in 2005, Diamond Nanorods, an allotrope of carbon was demonstrated harder than diamond. Diamond Nanorods is also known as “Nanodiamond” or “Hyperdiamond” , a nanocrystalline form of diamond.
Different colors of diamonds:
          The Diamond exit in many colors like white, pink, blue and even yellow, but colorless and white color diamonds are most commonly used in the world. The colors of diamond represented by grading scale developed by the GIA. The grading scale is categorized in the alphabetic word from D to Z, where D represents colorless and Z representing a light yellow tint. Some other fancy color diamonds are famous including Blue, Red, Pink and Green color.
De Beers : The largest diamond cartel:
          If you are passionate about diamond, it's important for you to know about ”De Beers”. De Beers are now the largest and most powerful diamond mining company founded by Cecil Rhodes, who also founded the state of Zimbabwe. The company has now become the largest diamond mining company and sells diamonds. 

Uses of diamonds:
         Today 80% of mined diamonds are used for industrial purpose of cutting, polishing and grinding. Diamond also used in making the lances of you're wearing glasses. According to Harvard physicist Peter Lu and colleagues, diamonds were used to polish axes, over 4,500 years ago in China.    

Diamonds are not Rare:
           Diamonds are not as rare as we think about it.

"The world most famous diamond “Koh-i-Noor” was founded in India, but now in the tower of London
as the part of the British Crown Jewels."

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