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Top Famous Indian jewellery Designers

Today Indian jewellery are establishing their market in all over the world, the credit of this goes to our new fashion jewellery designers. Their alternative best ideas fit right into our daily fashionable wardrobe. In this post, I'm telling about new fashionable jewellery designers of India and their best alternative piece.

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Top Jewellery Brands in Indian
Suhani Pittei:
Suhani Pittie Suhani Pittie has inspired by various urban spaces and the versatility of the metal. Suhani pittie is one of the top 10 most  inventive and effortless  jewellery designers in the world, Enlisted by the World Gold Council. she was awarded many times in India like 'Singem Award for Excellence' and 'Young Women Achievers Award 2012 '.
Most Alternative Piece:

Valliyan by Nitya Arora:
Valliyan by Nitya Arora Nitya Arora works with semi-precious stones with Irish mosaic, wood and rare materials, metals, crystals, acrylic and all combined with gold plating for the jewellery. Nitya was winner of the Grazia Young Designers Award in 2012, for Best Accessories Designer.
Most Alternative Piece:

Amrita singh:
Amrita Singh Amrita Singh has been making her name in jewellery by rendering her contemporary jewelry, fine jewelry collection and Maharaja Jewels. She was nominated by Fashion Group International (FGI) in the Fine jewellery category for rising Star Award in continuously 2006, 2007 an 2008.
Most Alternative Piece:

Eina Ahluwalia:
Eina Ahluwalia Eina Ahluwalia, the name known as the  synonymous with luxury, design and fashion and also the first Conceptual Jewellery Artist in India. The "Kirpan" necklace is the most famous necklace a part of her jewellery against  the domestic violence collection.
Most Alternative Piece:

Farah Khan Ali:
Farah Khan Ali Farah Khan Ali, In 2004, she launched her own jewellery brand name "Farah Khan". She designed jewellery for Bollywood stars, business families and also for Swarovski. She was awarded the best Jewellery Designer Award by the Lions Gold and DNA award for society’s most stylish swan.
Most Alternative Piece:

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