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Matching Jewellery with Saree

heavy saree with light jewellery
 It is very important to wear a matching jewellery with Saree on any vacation and other event. It increases the inner beauty of you. When you wear a beautiful saree, your attire is incomplete without the right kind of jewellery like necklace, earring, bangles etc. 
Proper Jewellery: it's very important to wear saree with jewellery according to occasion and also the color of saree with jewellery. For a decent look wear stud earring with gold chain or two gold bangles with plain saree. Light jewellery can also wear with Simple cotton saree. 

        For Round face: Wear light jewellery
        For Oval Face : any type of jewellery like heavy or light jewellery
        Women with Dark Complexion: wear very light jewellery

Wear Necklace: Selecting matching necklace play an important role with saree. The necklace must be plainly visible. Gold necklace is traditionally with saree but you can also wear silver necklace as you wish. 

      For Round face: Select V shaped necklace
      For Oval Face : any type of necklace no limit for such women
      Women with Dark Complexion: wear very light necklace

deepika padukone with necklace
 Wear Bangles: Bangles are the most common jewellery because they gain ground the beauty of women. Select the best bangle as suitable to your saree from gold, silver, ferrous, metal, platinum, wood, plastic and more as you wish.

Wear Nose Ring and Earrings: Nose ring and earrings are also very vital to select best with your saree. I would advise chosing dangle earring with compare to studs earring. Diamond nose rings will look excellent on your face with colorful saree. 
For Round face: Small nose ring and earring
For Oval Face : any type of earring and nose ring
Women with Dark Complexion: light earrings and nose pin would be the best idea 

Susmitha sen with gold jewellery

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Ady Scot said...

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