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New Top 5 Fashionable Jewellery Trend in spring 2014

Fashionable Jewellery Trend
Fashionable Jewellery Trend
Before starting this article, I'd like like to thank you all the readers, fans and my friends of my blog for your continued support. Now take a look at top 5 fashionable jewellery trends of this spring 2014 for both men and women . The prediction of these top 5 jewellery trends in this spring based on designers, runway fashion show, jewellery shows and market based work.

Jewellery and fashion both are a great way to personalize and change-up what you wear and how you style yourself when out and they also make us a boutique too! There are a challenge for many women is to find the perfect jewellery in the world of fashion in this spring. So let's start.

  1. Color: In this spring jewellery trend we expect to see this year is the addition of colour, particularly orange and blue. Both colors are still going strong and should be a go-to jewel color for retailers in this spring. From bracelet to necklace, earring and colorful watches all are blocked in these color.

  2. Bracelets:  As the days, those t-shirts and jeans, or sleeveless tops, we all need something to accessories those bare wrists that demands coverage - proceed to “Bracelets”. From bangles, cuffs, From chunky, funky bracelet designs, stacking styles, or wide models with clasps., the time has come to style up your bare arms.


  3. Watches: Watches are for both men and women trend to keep on the wrist theme for this spring 2014. Including retro watches , colorful watches and influence styles we can expect these and will also be on the rise in this spring. In 2014, from many sports event expect to see sporty styles, gracing many wrists this spring.

  4. Earring: When we talk about fashion world, earring play an important role. In spring 2014, stud earring full fill to it. With magnetic, Hawaiian and coral styles, all expected to have a great impact on the earrings we wear this spring. While these can all help us to make a bold, fashionable, it is the rather more reserved studded earring that is expected to make a great influence this spring , as many women aim for that perfect look.


  5. Yellow and Gold Jewellery: The last spring jewellery trend we will see this year is yellow and gold jewellery. Gold and Yellow gold are continuing to enjoy a return to popularity, from chunky necklaces, watches, bracelets and bespeak pieces of jewellery. we expect to see this look continue to our personal styles.

    Gold Jewellery
    Gold Jewellery

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