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The price of gold is constantly going down and may still be

Gold prices are still expected to decrease. Gold prices in the international market has been a steady decline in, But the central government in India's gold import policy and the strengthening of the dollar in gold prices could not go down as expected. For new government at the center is expected to reduction of import duties on gold and rupee strengthened against the dollar signs are coming. Considering this, now gold prices remains scope to reduce just Rs 20,000 per ten grams. It is clear that a stronger rupee against the dollar, gold is expensive, while it is weak gold prices down.

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Gold Price Going Down

Why gold so expensive in India:
January 16, 2012 import duty on Standard gold was Rs 300 per ten grams. That means before the import duty was accounted per ten grams percent at the same price as a percentage of it has been implemented. January 17, 2012 was increased two percent of the price. In fiscal year 2012-2013, the budget of import duty was increased from two to four percent. After that 21 January, 2013 it was increased from four to six per cent and after 5th june it was increased from six to eight percent. Import duty on gold was increased last time from eight to ten percent on August 13, 2013.

The reason of degradation:
U.S. stock markets up
Gold Investing in the stock market transfer
Steps to improve the U.S. economy from Federal Reserve

price of gold is constantly going down

How will low Price in India: Gold in India is expensive compared to international prices. Because of it ten percent import duty on gold and the dollar will be worth Rs 59. The Center government is now over 50 per cent import duty on gold is expected to decline. The price of the dollar is expected to remain between 57 to 58 rupees. It remains scope for gold prices.

 Gold in India is expensive

Prices in the U.S. decreased 34 per cent in 33 months: Gold prices in the international market during the last 33 months has declined by 34 per cent. In New York, 7 September, 2011 highs 1900.30 dollars per ounce of gold (28.35 grams) which now come close to $ 1255, while in India at Rs 27,500 per ten grams on the day of Standard Gold prices were at which is even today. Gold imports mean that central government policy and a stronger rupee against the dollar in the international market decline in gold prices could not get the benefit of Indian customers, because 7 September 2011, the value of dollar was Rs 46.06. At that time, the import duty on gold was 300 per ten grams. Today's dollars of Rs 59 and ten per cent import duty price. In such reduction in import duty and about to rupee against the dollar is likely to decline in gold prices.

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