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Indian Bridal Wedding Jewellery

Indian Bridal Wedding Jewellery
Indian Bridal Wedding Jewellery
The wedding day is the most beautiful day in the life of a woman and she wants to look her best on her wedding day. Including clothes, hair style and mahandi, jewellery play an important role to put the entire bridal look. Jewellery like earring, rings, bangles and necklace are common jewellery for a woman but on her wedding day there are some special jewellery worn. These jewelries are play an important role and an essential part of wedding ceremony knows as “Solah Sringar” on her wedding day. Solah Sringar is the combination of “Solah” and “Sringar”, Solah means Sixteen and Sringar means Adornment, in which bride adorns own with sixteen beautiful process. Today, through this post we will learn about a complete set of Indian Bridal Jewellery.

1. Mangalsutra: Mangalsutra is also known as Thali in Malayalam/Tamil language. Mangalsutra is the combination of Mangal means “auspicious” and the second is Sutra means “thread ”, is a necklace or chain of black beads strung using gold metal thread indicate her as a married woman. The woman continues to wear the Mangalasutra as a sign of her marital status.

  1. Maang Tikka: Maang Tikka is a hair accessory that worn on the center of hair and attached to the hair with a metal chain ending in a hook.

  1. Nath: Nath is a large sized decorative nose ring of gold or silver and sometimes may have a single glass bead worn on the left side of the nose (nostril) and a long attached up in the hair with a hook. On the night of honeymoon nath (nose ring) is removed by the groom to symbolize the end of virginity, the story goes.

  1. Matha Patti: Matha Patti is the traditional Indian hair band or hair accessory with one tikka (Central Chain) and one long chain that flow along the hairline, to form one jewellery piece.

  1. Choora: It is a set of bangles and a special set of bangles like white/ivory and red bangles gifted to the bride from her mother's family or “maternal uncle”.

  1. Borla: Borla is a another type of Maang Tikka, mostly used in Rajasthan.

  1. Jhoomer: Jhoomar or Jhoomer tradition is the very old and also know as “Passa” and sometimes “Side Tikka”. Jhoomar is a type of hair accessories and very popular for Indian bride, mostly for Muslim brides.

  1. Raani Haar: Raani Haar is the type of multi-layered and long necklace for bride on her wedding day. Gold, Kundan and pearls raani haar are mostly used.

  1. Choti: Choti is also type of hair accessory attached with braid. It is long jewellery accessory worn in entire braid according to length of braid from the top of the braid to bottom.

  1. Bajubandh: bajubandh is also known as “armlet” is a type of gold arm bracelet, gifted by the sister-in-low to the bride on the behalf of the groom.
  1. Kamarbandh: Kamrbandh is also known as waist belt support the wedding dress.

  1. Hath-Phool: Hath-Phool means Hand-Flower, I think now you understand the hath-phool. It is bracelet in flower shaped and connected to the wrist bracelet on one end via a dangling chain.

  1. Jooda: It is also a shortened type of kamarband and sort of key chain that is tucked at the side of dress. 

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I am always looking for new trends. According to me latest jewelry trend is smaller necklace and colored stone jewelry and Celtic jewelery.

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