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7 Tips For Keeping Your Jewellery Safe

Jewellery is the part of women's life nearly every culture and they enjoy it a lot. For that need to keep jewellery is in good condition, clean and safe when they wear it, good storage is required. Jewellery storage is based on jewellery size, material and type you have available. Improperly stored jewelry lose the value of material and will not shine. 

Clean Jewellery
Clean dust with a soft cloth

Many people have good knowledge on the purchase of fine jewellery, but only few people of them have knowledge about jewellery storage. They help to protect your jewellery shine and its value. First, the best option to store your material is in its original packaging box. But if you lost it then there is many other popular types of jewellery storage is made of wood with satin, velvet, or felt interior. The main purpose of behind store jewellery in a box is to prevent scratches on settings, damaged and crack gemstones and kinks in chains. So let's start, discuss on some of the best classic options of storing your jewellery.

  1. Clean Jewellery: The first thing is clean your jewelry with a soft cloth after each use. Remove dust and perspiration with a soft cloth then store it in a jewellery box.
  1. Jewellery box: Select a jewellery box as fit as your item, they protect your jewelry to sunlight damage by the surrounding elements. The soft interior of your box help your item maintain its original luster and keep items dry.
Jewellery box
Jewellery box

  1. Mini Keepsake Box: A mini keepsake box is perfect for holding your small jewellery material like your best engagement ring, wedding ring other small gift.
Mini Keepsake Box
Mini Keepsake Box

  1. Earring Book or Bags: A book of earring is perfect for those who hate to lose their precious earrings whilst travelling. They useful for storing jewellery like great for pearls and keep your item for damage. Each part of this bag or book is padded for optimum protection.
Earring Book
Earring Book

  1. Store individually: The most important is store your jewellery individual. Storing all type jewellery in one compartment risk for damage and scratches. item. Storing each jewellery in its own storage box or compartment increase the longevity of your material.

  1. Jewellery Stand: The best option for storing your heavy necklace is only and only jewellery stand. Storing necklace in a box or drawer increases the chance of losing luster. The stand have hooks for holding your necklace, bracelets, earring and diamond jewellery.
Jewellery Stand
Jewellery Stand

  1. Extra Care for silver and Pearls: Scratches and nicks are common for pearl jewellery if don't care properly because they are soft and fragile.

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