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The Ring-symbol of your love and commitment

In many cultures, a thing used for symbol of true love, infinity and eternity and that is "ring". People used ring as a prettify themselves for a long time. It has no beginning and never ending. A man specially offering marriage to her partner by presenting a golden ring because gold was precious metal. The wedding ring symbolizes promise, power and handover. It was also used to show marital status. The wedding ring is not only a symbol of true love, it also connects two people in one whole. This tradition of exchanging ring was started up from a long time. The lovers exchange the ring after says their vows as ritual and symbolizes the strength of a man's love. The ring completely represents unity, wholeness and together forever.

After a long time silver ring become fashionable and appear engraved bands. In this tradition wedding band was born and the name of the husband engraved in it. In many cultures wedding ring wearing on the fourth finger from the thumb of the left hand that remind them of their loving wife. People used fourth finger to wearing a wedding ring because they believed this finger connected to the heart.

The ring symbolizes love, friendship and together forever.

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