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The Reasons of Down Turn Gold Price Low in India

As a recent report gold prices have been falling consistently down in India. As report this is the very lowest level of gold in 11 months. In these 15 days, nearly 2400 rupees per 10 grams gold Xavrati is cheaper. On Thursday, Xavrati Gold prices fell by Rs 200 came to Rs 26,000. The experts said it's not going to end the season. In the coming days, price will be reduced more and gold can be down from 25,000 in July. 

Read Must This- The price of gold is constantly going down and may still be

The Reasons of  Down Turn Gold Price Low in India

The main reasons for the decline in the gold price is changed of rules and exporters can directly import. Since the exporters could import 80% of gold exports. This Gold had to buy them from banks in expansive premium. The lifting of ban of selling jewelry as the price of gold has made a difference. Another reason is may be the Modi Government. U.S. economy improves is also a reason of this. People are investing in other sectors have a place to gold. 

Gold Price Low in India

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